Cause of Death

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Wonderful as it is to contact living relatives,
what really excites me about the family tree is dead people.
Discovering a whole life and finally, the cause of death.
For my own enlightenment I have compiled a list of obscure causes
from the death certificates in my possession - with translations into English.

The Statistics only represents the current state of knowlege.
As I only know the exact lifespan of a percentage of the people in the tree
the averages may be wildly wrong.

First, a few of my favourites. Strange, tragic, or in the first case, ouch!

77 year old James Gaywood in 1914
(1) Carcinoma of Penis
(2) Exhaustion            
Cardiac Failure

Elizabeth Hughesdon aged 61 in 1843

James Parker aged 44 in 1872
"Found Drowned in the Grand Junction Canal"

William Hughesdon aged 77 in 1860
An Under Beadle of the Haberdashers Company
"Natural Decay"

My Uncle Arthur aged 31 in 1940
when the house took a direct hit during the Blitz
"Due to War Operations"

Ronald Milledge aged 30 in 1940
"Killed in action"

Frederick Hunt aged 10 in 1890
"Gangrenous Cellulitis, Face"

Anasarea "Cell Dropsy", usually starting in the ankles and legs
Apoplexy Stroke
Asthenia Lack of Energy, Weakness
Cachexia Wasting condition caused by a chronic disease
Climacteric Disease Multiple organ failure in the seventh (final) age
Colica Pictorum "Painters Colic" - Lead Poisoning
Dropsy Fluid filled swelling of organ or tissue.
Often an indicator of serious Heart problems.
Intussusception Bowel Prolapse
Nephritis Inflammation of the Kidney
Pertussis Whooping Cough
Phlebitis Inflammation of a vein
Phthisis Consumption / Tuberculosis
Senectus Extreme old age / Senility
Serous Apoplexy Stroke caused by "watery humours"
Tabes Mesenterica Tuberculosis of the Lymph glands.
Caught by children drinking milk from infected cows.
Uraemia Kidney Failure


Died on 7th August 1902
in basement of 217 Tottenham Court Road
Henry William Parker, Male age 40 years

"Suffocation by being buried beneath a mass of brick and lime rubbish
when floor with the rubbish upon it fell upon him, during the pulling down of a house"

Certificate received from Geo. Danford Thomas Coroner for London

Inquest held 11th August 1902. Verdict - Accidental

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