Every attempt has been made to remove details of living people from this website.

Only Surname and Initials are shown for anyone born after 1920.

I will completely remove anyone who asks to be removed.

I do not see or collect any personal information about visitors to this site,
but Google Analytics does tell me how many I get and what they look at.
Each week, averaged over the last year, 23 new visitors find the site and 6 old ones return.
They each spend an average of 3.07 minutes looking at 5.13 pages.

Most of information on this site has been sourced from original Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates.
I am currently wading through these to make them uniform and comprehensible in the "notes"

Every Census address has been checked with original or online scans and contemporary maps.
However, some dates, people and events have been taken at face value from
the increasing number of contacts I have made on the Internet.

If it fits, I put it in, hoping that I will be able to prove it later, rather than lose sight of a potential link.
Where possible, I check using original sources on Ancestry and Find My Past, with older records from the IGI.

I try to record whether IGI information is extracted or submitted because some submitted records have proved to be wishful thinking.

Some of the "Public Trees" on Ancestry are goldmines, others partial or complete nonsense.

There are very few instances of conjecture on this site and they are clearly labelled.

If it is not clear what is a "known known" a "known unknown" or a guess
or, even better, if you have an "unknown unknown"please contact me .

The Internet only exists because the developers gave the world their ideas.
GEDCOM was built and given away for the specific purpose of free information interchange.
The sharing of information by the Genealogical community is a continuing source of hope and inspiration to me.
Middle-aged Hippy that I am, I believe that seeing how closely we are all related may well be the key to
"Peace, Love and Understanding", and what's so funny 'bout that?


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