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My new computer, with Windows 10, cannot use the program that produces the charts and statistics for this site.
Until I can find a suitable alternative (suggestions welcome) there will be no further updates.
However, I am still here, paying attention and looking forward to the 1921 census release.


I have changed web host and this site is now https, to make it more secure.


Happy 15th Birthday to thehunthouse


The project that has taken my full attention for the last three years is finally finished.
London Streets lost to the Blitz
A list of everywhere in the London Postal Area in 1939 and what happened to it during and after WW2.
Apologies to everyone I have neglected during this process.


Edward HUNT (1795-1848) died in the King's Head, Islington, where he was the licensee.
Over several years he was also the Licensee of The Orange Tree, Red Lion Square; The 3 Cumpises (Compasses), King Street;
and the King of Prussia, South Mimms, where he wrote his newly discovered Will.
This Will led to his niece, Mary GULLOCK who may well be 10-year-old Mary YALLOCK,
who was staying with Jonathan and Susannah HUNT in Broome in 1841.

More information came to light early last year about some GAYWOODs and is now included.

Another Edward HUNT, born 19/04/1850, has proved difficult to pin down.
A new marriage in 1869 to Elizabeth HOWARD has added to the confusion.
Christened Edward Charles, in later years he calls himself Edward William.
He seems to have had three wives and two children, all of whom disappear without trace.


Please contact me if you are a HARE, as I have a very interesting document dated 1833,
relating to an action for debt in Clifton, Befordshire.

In other news, I have today published a second (complete) edition of Bruce's Lists.
Every single official name change made to London Street Names during 1857-1966.


The software that generates this site is getting on a bit (who isn't?) and other things have taken priority.
It is now so time-consuming to update that I haven't been able to do it for a while.
More information has been discovered, or been given to me, than is shown here.


Charlotte HUNT, baptised in Broome in 1797,
married William MORTON in Sunninghill, Berkshire in 1823.
Many of their descendants became Blacksmiths, Farriers or both,
but one ran the Village Pub (The Carpenters Arms) for over 30 years.

Elizabeth Ward BATCHELER, daughter of John William Gibson BATCHELER and Elizabeth FRENCH,
married George William Frederick PLESENTS in 1846.

If you are related to any of the HUNTs or ISAACS' who worked in Spitalfields Market
in the late 19th and early 20th c have a look at this fabulous website.
There are some B&W photographs giving an impression of how it must have been.


There were two George DILLEY's born in Clifton in 1884/5.
One is the son of Frederick & Ann Eliza (née BERRY ) DILLEY
the other is the son of William & Lucy (née ALLISON) DILLEY.

A visitor has pointed out that I had mixed them up, and the second one is not part of this tree.

The upside of this is that he very kindly found out for me why
Frances (Fanny) TOMPKINS (née LOCKLEY) was in Bedford County Gaol in 1871,
her husband, Thomas TOMPKINS, having been there almost 40 years before,
when he was sentenced to six weeks hard labour for stealing a Hen.

Fanny Tompkins, age 62, widow, 4 foot 11 inches, fresh complexion and dark hair,
debt 14s 4d, 14 days imprisonment, released 05/04/1871, Biggleswade County Court.


After two years of hair-pulling frustration I have finally re-gained control of
which I first owned in 1998 and has now been in this form for over 10 years.

The site will stay with a dot com address but all the old links and emails now work again.


After six months of planning, building, checking and more checking
I have opened my eBook Shop
with books about London, Epping Forest, the English countryside, Victorian recipes etc. etc.
for genealogists, anyone interested in English social history and fans of the obscure.

More titles will be added every month

This can also be reached via Old London


All of thehunthouse has moved to a Linux server because I need a MySQL database
and phpMyAdmin (don't ask) and this is not possible under Windows.
The site was down for a couple of days and so was my email.
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More information from the Buckinghamshire FHS about
William BURCH (1776-1857) who married Mary BULLOCK (1779-1823) in 1801

Death certificates and more decendants of
Richard SURRIDGE (1780-1876) who married Judith HOLLANDS (1782-1858) in 1804

Last year a huge amount of new information became available online.
This year I will be trying to cut down on the time I spend on the tree
because the bigger it gets the longer it takes to update and there are other things to do.

In particular, I have learned how to make eBooks to put on my new Kindle
and hope to make more.

Happy New Year


Thomas Burton KNOW married Dinah SIDNEY on 7th December 1818
Their daughter, Dinah KNOW, married Joseph Leopold STEVENS on 13th February 1839
When their daughter, Ann Sophia STEVENS, married William SURRIDGE in 1862 her sister, Amelia, was a witness.
When Amelia married Henry Edward BLAND in 1865, William was a witness.
Amelia died aged 45 in 1892, presumably of exhaustion, having given birth to 17 children.

The KNOWs and STEVENS lived in Highgate, in the vicinity of the Flask, (the highest Pub in London)
where I have spent more than one New Year's Day recovering from the night before.
There was no running water in Highgate and the origins of the Pub are thought to be as a place where you
could buy a flask of water or ale and was not, apparently, well renowned for high quality.

On 28 August 1849 Dinah KNOW née SIDNEY died in Swains Lane of Cholera, as reported by husband Thomas.
A week later he also died of Cholera and daughter Dinah STEVENS followed a fortnight afterwards.
They are all buried in the Cemetery of St. James, Highgate.
Dinah's husband Joseph is never heard of again and may also have been a victim of the same foul water.


I purchased a transcription of the Thames Watermen & Lightermen Apprenticeship Bindings from Trueflare because
Alsey HOWs father, her second husband, James GAYWOOD, and possibly her first husband, were all Watermen.

Alsey's sister, Caroline Sarah HOW, married Joseph CORPE in 1827
Joseph's apprenticeship had been reassigned in 1821 to James HOW, Caroline's father, and a dynasty was started.
At least four generations of CORPEs were Lightermen, later Stevedores and Dock Labourers
and for over 100 years they lived in and around Clarence Street, Rotherhithe, reproducing prodigiously.

Grandson Joseph William CORPE with his wife, Eliza Margaret REED, had 17 children over 25 years.


Thank goodness for people with unusual names.
Daniel Cristall FOX (1803 - 1869) married Ann GAYWOOD (1809 - 1844) in 1829 at St. Mary, Rotherhithe
In 1851 and 1861 their daughter, Emma FOX, was living with Ann's brother, uncle John GAYWOOD
John, like his brother James, had been apprenticed as a Lighterman to his father, Richard GAYWOOD (1778 - 1852)
In 1844 Richard's second wife died (as did daughter Ann) and 3 months later he married Amelia BONE at St. Mary, Rotherhithe
Daniel Cristall FOX was a witness at the wedding and without his presence I would never have connected these GAYWOODs


Two of the daughters of William BATCHELER (1774-1849) and Hannah CURD (1775-1861)
appear to have married William BOOTH, a Shepherd from Iden, Sussex.
Sarah Curd BATCHELER married him in 1835 but died in 1852.
Younger sister Elizabeth, already pregnant, then married him the following year.

Devon Family History Society Parish register transcriptions are now available on findmypast.
I have been able to find the parents of Ann HOLE (1809-1862) who married James HENLEY (1804-1895).
Their son, William Henry HENLEY, married Ellen WINGETT, whose mother is Ann WIDDICOMBE.

Buckinghamshire Family History Society have also been busy.
Although not yet available for publication, the Baptism and Marriage registers for Cuddington
are now included in their database and can be searched for a modest fee by their stalwart volunteers.
This has given me the first wife of Thomas BURCH (1803-1880) as Christiana HOW
plus his parents and paternal grandparents.

Serendipity then led me to look again at Alsey HOW (1805-1850)
- no relation to Christiana - and I found her parents and six siblings in Rotherhithe.
All three of her brothers, named James after their father, died in infancy.
James HOW senior (1781-1825), like Alsey's husband, James GAYWOOD (1803-1852), was a Waterman at Greenwich.
During the Napoleonic Wars he might well have ferried Naval Officers to their ships moored in the Thames
and must have witnessed Lord Nelson's funeral procession to Westminster in 1806.

and I received this birthday card

Family Tree


Ancestry have released an index to the National Probate Calendar for 1861 - 1941.
Full details of appointed Trustees or Administrators are given but you need to apply to HM Courts service for copies of Wills.
Due to (quelle surprise) "an unexpected increase in demand" the waiting time is now over six weeks.

The first one I have received is James GAYWOOD (1836 - 1914) and it reveals,
in a rambling sort of a way, his concern for the future of his family, some kind of rift with his son, William,
and the astonishing amount of money he made, considering his unfortunate childhood circumstances.

This led me to his great grandson, Flt. Lt. Richard James GAYWOOD (1926 - 1953)
who was killed in a Flying accident during an R.A.F. show in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.

Also grandson George Albert GAYWOOD (1888 - 1916) Killed in Action during the Battle of the Somme.

The second, less exciting, Will is from 1880 by Susannah THIRTLE née HUNT widow of John THIRTLE.
Made three days before she died it leaves her entire estate to her unmarried sister, Charlotte HUNT,
who ran the grocery store in Broome, Norfolk and was the last remaining HUNT in the village.


If you have ancestors from Broome, here are some old pictures.


In order to prove a connection or follow an interesting story I sometimes stray off my "bloodline".

Fred TOMPKINS b 09/04/1875 in Leicester, son of William TOMPKINS and Sarah HARRIS,
is he Frederick John TOMPKINS who married Sarah Elizabeth FROST from Henlow in 1895?

I think he is, because in 1881 he is living with his parents in Leicester,
in 1891 he is living with, and apprenticed to, Master Bricklayer Joseph COBURN in Sandy, Beds.
Joseph is widowed, having been married to Sarah HARRIS's younger sister, Ann HARRIS.
Sarah and Ann's even younger sister, Emma, also widowed, is now Joseph's "Housekeeper".

By 1911 Joseph and Emma are "Married, for 20 years" and living next door to Frederick and Sarah TOMPKINS in Henlow.
From 1835 until 1907, when the Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act was passed, it had been illegal to marry your sister in Law.

Frederick's brother, Albert b 1882 in Leicester, is another member of the lost generation.
As a Pioneer in the Royal Engineers he Died of Wounds during WW1 in France.

This investigation was prompted by an email from Alison whose hand written tree, found in the loft,
gives the marriage date of James Conquest TOMPKINS and Rebecca THOMPSON as 24th August 1826.
The transcription of Southill Parish Register that I have ends in 1812 so this is very welcome information.

Over 40 new TOMPKINS have been added, making it the most numerous surname in the tree.


Eagle-eyed or technically minded readers may have noticed that has become
Similarly, has become
Nothing has changed except the name
You should have been automatically redirected to the right place
but at some point in the future the dot net site may disappear completely


Emily Rebecca TOMPKINS, married Thomas William DISBREY in 1910.
He was lost at sea when HMS Derwent was mined and sunk off Le Havre on 2nd May 1917.
Emily then married James Thomas WILLISON in 1920, losing another two children in infancy.


Descendants of William Henry HUNT (b1881) and Blanche Elizabeth CATMORE (b1876)
Finally found in the 1911 census where both were misspelled in the index.
Three of their six children had died in infancy.
The last known child was Thomas James HUNT (b1915) who married Evelyn May WERE (b1918) in 1936.


According to Issue 18783 of The London Gazette, dated 11th March 1831,
"At the Court-House, at Winchester, in and for the County of Southampton,
on the 2nd day of April 1831, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely."
John Gregory COTTELL, late of West Cowes in the Isle of Wight, Hants,
Plumber, Glazier and Painter, would be sued for bankruptcy.


In February 1871 Sarah TOMPKINS (b1849) gave birth to illegitimate Harry Stanbridge TOMPKINS in Clifton.
Three months later local Bricklayer Henry STANBRIDGE stepped up to the Altar and married her.
Therein must lie a tale.

Meanwhile her Uncle, William TOMPKINS (b1848), had moved to Leicester where he married Comfort TILLEY in 1872.
Comfort died a year later giving birth to their first child, James Ernest Conquest TOMPKINS.
William returned briefly to Clifton and married Sarah HARRIS in Henlow in 1874.

William's brother, Daniel TOMPKINS (b1834), moved from Clifton to Morton in Lincolnshire and married local girl Harriet WILDBORE
She died in 1869 and their son James returned to live with Grandparents, James Conquest and Rebecca TOMPKINS in Clifton.
Daniel then married Elizabeth THORNTON in Morton in 1873.
In 1881 they are living three doors away from Daniel's nephew, Charles LINCOLN (b1860) who is married to Maria THORNTON.
Widowed again, 67 year old Daniel married 27 year old Ada SIMPSON in 1901.


I have added a list and brief history of London Atlases
and a timeline to aid dating London Maps 1857 - 1965
to the London Miscellany section of my map site.


I have been receiving some odd error messages from my webhost to the effect that
a few of the surname maps and the surname links on this page are not working.
Some newer browsers seem to be less tolerant of cAPitaL letter errors in links or spaces in filenames.
The problem is now solved unless you are trying to get here from a search engine
This will correct itself when their spiders next get here. If anyone finds a broken link please let me know.


If you ever need to know the difference between an Urban District Council and a Rural District Council
or between a Metropolitan Borough and a Metropolitan Corporation - look no further.
Notes on the Administration of England and Wales will enlighten you.
Taken from the 1929 edition of a Philips' Atlas it contains a wealth of information
about the history and structure of the way that England and Wales are Governed and Administered.


More new SURRIDGEs than you could shake a stick at,
taking the line back two more generations and forward via families in Eltham, Sydenham and Pimlico.


John TOMPKINS born in Clifton, Beds in 1840, son of Thomas TOMPKINS and Frances LOCKLEY
(both parents had seen the inside of Bedford Gaol)
married Rebecca BARKER in 1864 and about 5 years later moved to Hendon, Middlesex.
amongst the first of many Cliftonians to migrate to North London in search of work.
One of his sons, Thomas, married Alice Bertha HUGHES in 1895. The rest of the HUGHES family then moved in.
Alice's widowed father, Alfred HUGHES, married sister Emma TOMPKINS in 1898.
Emma was 14 years his junior and had been paralysed since childhood.
This did not stop her having several children, including one illegitimately, Emily Rebecca TOMPKINS,
who married Thomas William DISBREY, a Stoker on the River Class Destroyer HMS Welland, in 1910.
In the meantime brother Joseph TOMPKINS had married Alice's sister, Rosetta HUGHES, in 1906.


The Holy Grail, 6,000 London Street name changes
made between 1857-1929


All living at 20 Gillespie Road, Islington in 1901 were:-
Alfred DILLEY and his wife Sarah Jane neé GODFREY, brother John DILLEY, nephew Frederick GODFREY
and half brother George Henry DILLEY with his wife Ellen neé GODFREY, who is Sarah Jane's sister.

The girls parents were both GODFREYs and their maternal grandmother is the delightfully named Lucy RAINBOW.


From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Website

In Memory of
9288, 2nd Bn., Northamptonshire Regiment
who died age 27
on 14 March 1915
Son of Fred and Ann E. Dilley, of Clifton, Beds.
Remembered with honour

I have not been able to find out what happened to his twin brother, Decimus DILLEY,
who was a soldier in 1911, stationed at Aldershot Barracks.
Their older brother, Albert, signed up in 1916. He was gassed in France and discharged as "unfit" with "50% capacity".


On Christmas Day 1863, Elizabeth Rebecca Charlotte HUNT married James OLIVER at St. James, Shoreditch
35 other couples were also married in the Church that day.

Their granddaughter, Amelia Ethel OLIVER was baptised on 20th September 1896 at St. Jude, Bethnal Green
at the same time as her second cousin, Frederick John ISAACS, who died less than two years later.
Both are the great grandchildren of Jonathan HUNT and Mary Ann FISHER. Both families were living in Canrobert Street at the time.


On Friday 12th November 1875 in Clifton, Bedfordshire, 66 children appear to have been Christened in the Village Church.
If anyone has an explanation for this outbreak of evangelicalism, I would be pleased to hear from them.

This discovery led me to find that Eliza WOOTTON (previously recorded as WOOTON) who married James DILLEY
is the sister of Jane WOOTTON who married Charles COPPERWAITE.


I do not believe in conspiracy theories,
except of course that it cannot be coincidence that Grace Archer burned to death on 22 September 1955.
Just before findmypast announced that the 1911 Census would be available on subscription,
rather than ruinous pay-per-view, Ancestry released the London records described below on 6th October.
So I had to have both.
All the 1911 records that I found in January and since are now included.


Dozens of my ancestors from Clifton, Beds., were employed as "Straw Plaiters",
making 22 yard long plaits which were sewn into Hats in factories in Luton.
The straw was first split into uniform widths using Brass cutters.
I have several examples of these, found in local fields using metal detectors, presumably lost or discarded as broken.
In about 1840, John Austin of Tring, Hertfordshire, invented/manufactured a better splitter.
I have searched for years to find one, here it is.

Straw Splitter

At just over 4 inches tall it is not in perfect condition (the five cutter is missing) but then neither am I.
As you hold it in your hand your thumbnail gravitates automatically to the indent under a cutter
and it becomes very easy to imagine how it was used.


Not strictly family tree, but I have found two fascinating street maps of Rome and Paris from about 1879.
These can be found here.


In collaboration with the London Metropolitan Archive, Ancestry have digitised a huge quantity of London BMD records.
This is an amazing resource, very well indexed, giving access to original records going back much further than 1837.
It has enabled me to confirm many IGI Baptisms and Marriages as well as viewing original Marriage certificates post 1837.
There are some Churches missing, for example St. Anne, Soho and St. James, Westminster are poorly represented
but, fortunately, I have not found a single anomaly, only confirmation and extra detail.
I have not yet had any success with the Death records but overall, it is wonderful.
The information I have found is too numerous to list here but I have updated each individual record to include it.


Marriage of Fanny Charlotte BURCH & John Ernest BOWLES in 1919
which proves the BURCH/BATCHELER connection beyond doubt.

Both the Church they were married in and the house they were living in fell victim to WW2 bombs.


More descendants of John CROUCH (1764) & Mary VIDLER (1766)

The success of my London Street Map has encouraged me to reproduce a World Atlas from 1898

There is also now a copy of "Disappearing London" from 1927, an interesting and idiosyncratic look at 12 lost views.
(This link was broken for a short while - now fixed)


1911 Census

I have found the following families so far,
but have not had time to incorporate this onto the site yet.
If you would like further information please drop me an email.

Arthur William & Louisa Emily HUNT, West Ham
Even though I have original certificates and many coincidences, I had a scintilla of doubt about Louisa.
She gave several wrong answers on her Marriage certificate. These doubts have now disappeared.

Frederick & Annie HUNT, West Ham
Arthur NICHOLLS (Nephew) still living with the family. I still don't know who he is.

Update - October 2009 - he is the son of John NICHOLLS & Emma SAMUELS, Annie's sister.

Edward & Frances HUNT, Bethnal Green
Jemima HUNT, West Ham
Thomas & Elizabeth HUNT, Poplar
William & Hannah CROUCH, Staplecross
Thomas William & Caroline CROUCH, King's Lynn
Fanny Charlotte BURCH, Chiswick
Ellen COPPERWAITE, Clifton
Edgar Lawrence DEXTER, Southwark
James & Ann GAYWOOD, Catford
Alsey GAYWOOD, St. Pancras
George & Priscilla HENLEY, Chiswick
Thomas & Doris May PARRIS, Acton
William & Mary ROBINSON, Hackmey
Bertram Thomas & Annie SLATER, Battersea
Thomas James & Louisa SLATER, Clapham
Jane Matilda SMITH, Chiswick
Alfred & Emily SURRIDGE, Pimlico
Frederick & Annie SURRIDGE, Belgrave
Thomas & Edith TAYLOR, Poplar
Arthur & Emma TOMPKINS, East Finchley
Ernest & (H)elen YOUNG, Chiswick


My Map has been awarded "Specific Data CD of the Year"
by Your Family Tree Magazine and kindly reviewed by others.


I have, at last, found a list of many of the London Street name changes
which the L.C.C. made between about 1935 - 1940.


A heap more GODFREYs and, perhaps, the birth of Rebecca RUSSELL in 1743,
which I will include as soon as time permits.


I have scanned a Street Map of London from c1922,
which is available at
Also on the site is a charming Map and Guide to Epping Forest from about 1910
and a Street Map of Cambridge from c1912


Charles Dade FISHER Christening & Parents found.
Wrong IGI submitted information removed.


A completely new look and better XHTML compliance.
All external links now open in a separate window.
The Surname Maps section has been re-written.
Some links that were broken are mended.
The structure of the tables has been simplified.


Rory Gallagher (02/03/1948 -14/06/1995) would have been 60 today.
No relation, just my all time favourite guitarist and live performer.


To accommodate a larger site and make it load faster I have rearranged the file structure.
This should make no practical difference unless you have pages book-marked. Sorry, they will have moved.


Edward HUNT born 1795 in Broome, died of Gout in the Kings' Head Tavern, Islington, where he was the licensee.
The Guildhall Library Print Room has a contemporary drawing clearly showing his name above the door.


CONQUEST Surname Map added


More descendants of John BEATTY & Jemima KEMP


A heap more DILLEYs & some COPPERWAITEs
following a prompt from Australia


further details found in Clifton Parish Register

Edward HUNT (1816) m Ellen DEVINE (1806)
she died on 9/3/1851, he was no longer at the address on census night


Jane HUNT (1852) m William ISAAC(S) (1851)
After 1881 I had been following the wrong family - info removed
Son, William Edward, staying with Grandmother in 1891


Descendants of William BATCHELER & Hannah CURD
Hannah's sister, Ann, married a Mr GIBSON
a middle name that often crops up with no known origin


DREWITT family mapped
descendants of Amelia GREEN (1836 - 1906)

Mary CROUCH married Edmund POLHILL in 1853
She is the daughter of Oliver CROUCH not, as I had supposed, some other branch


A short "outage" was caused by a change of server at my web host
some emails sent to thehunthouse over the last 3 days may have been lost in the ether
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Someone searched yesterday for Sophie DILLEY using Google - page now working!


Descendants of William BATCHELER (1774 - 1849)


Edward HUNT B c1816 Broome - First marriage to Ellen DEVINE and 1841 Census
James Jonathan HUNT found in 1881 in Essex County Lunatic Asylum, where he died 5 years later


In 1877 Arthur TOMPKINS and some DILLEYs had a brush with the Law
 click here  for brief details.


Navigation for  Surname Maps  improved
Java script removed and you can now easily jump between 1881 and 1998


Nearly recovered, email working and Vista thrown away, back to XP.
Hi to Amanda. Templer Surname Map added.
Andy, will be back to you shortly.


Yet another virus, caught whilst downloading music, caused total ruination of the computer.
Do not let your children use Limewire.
I have saved everything at the cost of a whole new machine,
but it will take a little while to get back to speed.


Happy 5th Birthday to


Arthur & Emma TOMPKINS, from Clifton, moved to Finchley.
Prompted by a new 2nd cousin, once removed, I have found their Death certificates
and more TOMPKINS in Finchley in 1901.


I have taken (and passed) an Open University course :- "Start Writing Your Family Tree" (A173)
I expected it to be about writing but it was mostly about
understanding and interpreting primary & secondary historical sources.
12 weeks of very hard work but very rewarding and highly recommended.
Thank you Gill.


A visit to East Sussex Record Office in Lewes
has produced many confirmations and some new information


Clifton, Beds.

I had confused two Nelly TOMPKINS
One married James CAWDELL/CAULDWELL in 1838,
she was also known as Elinor and Ellen.
The other married Gilbert WOOLARD in 1832 and died in 1845.


Descendants of Ann Priscilla's brother, John Curtis
Leading eventually to Kenneth HUME, the first husband of Shirley BASSEY


New section added  Surname Maps
a map for each surname showing distribution in 1881 and 1998


I have obtained a photocopy of a letter written on 4th October 1831
by John BATCHELER to his Wife, Elizabeth

Copyright prevents it's reproduction here, but it ends :-
"I remain, My Dear Betsey, your truly affectionate, and faithful Husband, John Batcheler"
and is a beautiful and moving document.
Please email me if you would like further details.


Ancestors & new descendants of John Russell BATCHELER


DEXTER family mapped
New page added  Cause of Death


Family of George Henry BATCHELER mapped
another son of John William Gibson BATCHELER


Charles LINCOLN & Jonathan GODFREY (from Clifton) moved to Nottingham,
some became Coal Miners at the Hucknall Torkard Mine (home of Lord Byron)
in touch with each other and the TOMPKINS who moved to Derby

Two brothers of Louisa Emily COTTELL moved to Australia in the 1840's


3 x Alsey GAYWOOD families mapped
HENLY new family from James (B 1835)


GREEN / HEY Certs & Census updates
Many thanks to Charlie - ALLINGHAM to follow


A power cut damaged the database, some peculiar duplicates have appeared,
I think this problem is now resolved.

1841 Census addresses for almost every family

GAYWOOD Family - More children found in Workhouse in 1851
Visit to Clifton - Gravestones photographed
Ewhurst - YORK / CRAMP / POLHILL certs
Chudleigh - HENLEY / WINGET certs
Walthamstow - PERRY / TURNER certs
Chelsea - CARTER / GREEN / HEY certs


Lots of MEPPEMs
Frances (Fanny) DILLEY nee LOCKLEY found in Bedford County Gaol in 1871


COTTELL & GRAY Census addresses
Elizabeth HUGHESDON nee SKINNER D cert 1843
William HUGHESDON D cert 1860
Isabella WOLSTENHOLME nee CURTIS D cert 1859
William & Sarah SLATER D certs 1900
Sarah Ann SLATER B cert 1864 & Census addresses 1871-1901
William Thomas SLATER B cert 1847
& M cert to Mary Ann SLATER 1876


Ann Priscilla PARKER nee WOLSTENHOLME D cert 1881
William Gibson BATCHELER & Louisa Emily COTTELL M cert 1851
Emily Alice BEATTY B cert 1873
Jemima BEATTY B cert 1850
Alsey GAYWOOD B cert 1843
Mary Ann DILLEY nee HILLS D cert 1886
John DILLEY D cert 1892
William BURCH D cert 1857


Alice HUNT M William APPLEYARD 1891


G'day Rod Hagen & Family


At the 4th attempt, the last male CROUCH has produced a male CROUCH
Congratulations to Nick & Jane
Welcome to Jack Arthur


Parents of William COPPERWAITE
Lydia PLATER nee BURCH D cert 1901
Various SLATER census addresses
previously wrongly indexed as SLATES/STATER/SLADER


Ann SURRIDGE nee TAYLOR D cert 1883
Mary Ann SURRIDGE M cert to James BRIGHT 1854
BRIGHT census addresses 1851-1901
Charles PLATER D cert 1884
James Jonathan HUNT D cert 1886
Henry HUNT B cert 1840
Henry HUNT D cert 1842
Ernest Wingett HENLEY B cert 1876
Ernest Winget HENLEY D cert 1878
William HENLEY D cert 1892
Descendants of Mary Ann CROUCH, Daughter of William CROUCH
& Lucy BARROW, who emigrated to Australia on 27/11/1838


Sarah POWLEY D cert 1866
Sarah Jane HENLEY B cert 1841
William SURRIDGE D cert 1856
Ann SWANTON B cert 1839
Caroline SWANTON B cert 1843
Eliza SWANTON nee COLLINS D cert 1845

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