Clerk to the Magistrates of Biggleswade Magistrates' Court: Depositions and other papers.

From the archives of Hooper & Fletcher, Solicitors.

Extract from the Bedford & Luton Archive Records (BLARS)

Reference HF147/8/1474
25 April 1877

Occurrence Report of PC Thomas Hebbes stationed at Stotfold.

He had found that Mr John Crouch Priest, Farmer at Weston, Herts,
had sent 4 cows and one calf from his farm to Charles Wilson, Dealer at Clifton.
Mr Priest said that he had an order signed by Mr Matthews, Veterinary Surgeon and Mr Lucas, Magistrate of Hitchin.
He sent his cowman, James Parker of Weston, on the road to Clifton until he met Charles Wilson's boy.
Further Report of PC Hebbes stating that the 4 cows and a calf went to Charles Wilson and not to Frances Wilson.
The boy who drives for Charles Wilson is Arthur Tompkins.
Fine 6d. Costs 18/-.

Reference HF147/8/1421
8 March 1877

Information of Mary Ann Dilley, singlewoman of Clifton Fields.

She was at home with her father, John Dilley Strawdrawer of Clifton Fields
mother and one of her sisters when her brother, James Dilley, Strawdrawer of Clifton Fields,
came in and asked for his youngest sister Rebecca.
John Dilley asked what she had done and James Dilley replied
'I will split her beans and if you take her part I will do the same to you'.
He tried to get at his father and Mary tried to stop him.
He struck her with his fist. They pushed James Dilley out of the house.

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